KACCAD facilitated vocational skills training in areas including tailoring, carpentry, financial management, and brick-laying. These trainings targeted youth and teen mothers who were not in- school and were most in need of skills to earn a living.

As result of the brick-laying project initiated by KACCAD in Nakabugo and Bulenga in Wakiso District many formerly unemployed youth are actively earning an income from the sale of bricks. Some of these youth have also been able to repair their homes using their new skills.

KACCAD also helped to rent a carpentry workshop within Bulenga. This facility was used to provide youth with hands on work experience in furniture building.

This project, like the micro enterprise project, attracted a lot of community interest. Similarly, KACCAD was not able to keep up with the demand for services.

Donation of training materials is welcome to further the project in order to give opportunity to other beneficiaries to acquire carpentry skills.