The goal of this project is to increase economic development of most needy families in the district of Wakiso. The scheme consisted of three components:

1) Training in piggery or other animal husbandry.

2) Household nutrition education.

3) A revolving scheme whereby families maintain the sustainability of the project by returning two piglets to the project once their donated sow has bred a litter. If they have received a cow they are expected to give one cow to another community member once their cow has given birth. If they receive a chicken or the start-up capital to invest in chicken rearing they are expected to return the start up cost or a chicken once a chicken is sold or eggs hatch. The piggery program has thus far benefited 58 households. The poultry and cow projects have benefited 11 families.

KACCAD also built a piggery demonstration farm to give a model to community members who wish to raise pigs and also to house pigs for ongoing breeding and donation to needy families. This photo is of Bulenga, Wakiso and people receiving pigs from the piggery demonstration project.

The major challenge to these income generation activities was that KACCAD was not in position to supply start up food or medicine to support the growth and development of animals. Families who received these animals were also not able to adequately cover these costs. Additionally, KACCAD struggled to maintain the piggery demonstration farm with limited funds. Those projects aimed at increasing the income of the most needy would greatly benefit from your donation of funds to supply start up food and medicine for families receiving donated animals. However, any donations towards that initiative would be highly appreciated.