Through collaboration with the Uganda National Health Consumers/Users Organization (UNHCO), KACCAD brought experts in the field of HIV/AIDS to train people in HIV/AIDS counseling. These counselors used to encourage and educate people about positive living with HIV/AIDS.

KACCAD expanded the health program to include HIV/AIDS sensitization and voluntary counselling and testing. This program was supported by Uganda's AIDS Information Centre which provided HIV counselling and testing services at no charge to community members mobilized by KACCAD. The sensitization portion of the program was being led by KACCAD's Peace Corps Volunteer who was an HIV/AIDS specialist. The program served at-risk community members, in and out of school youth, women's groups and youth groups. These pictures were taken at a recent AIDS Information Centre whilst tests were conducted.

This program was well supported when it came to expertise in HIV/AIDS and general health but it was in need of educational materials. Materials needed included: condoms, HIV/AIDS and general health handouts and resource books, and teaching supplies such as flip chart paper and pens.