KACCAD supports two local orphanages which serve hundreds of local children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. With your support, KACCAD can help these institutions to bring quality education and other services to these children.


 Through international as well as local partnerships, KACCAD is reaching new communities with vital educational support.Faith Children's Foundation (FCF) currently serves 187 children thanks in part to support from KACCAD’s partners in development.

In 2013, FCF was able to rent space for the orphanage, pay teachers, purchase shoes, uniforms, food and school supplies.Additionally, with the support from a former volunteer from A Broader View Volunteers Corp, KACCAD raised funds and materials to buy drums, sewing machines, and scholastic materials for FCF.


KACCAD received funds  to organize a Christmas and New Year’s party in January 2013 for orphans and vulnerable children at FCF. The funds were used to buy food, drinks and sweets for the children and their families and many people from the surrounding area. This function brought to light local families suffering from malnutrition, as evidenced by testimony from children and parents alike. KACCAD recognizes that still more community partnerships and economic development work is needed to support the food security, health and education of residents living near FCF.

In addition to supporting children at FCF, KACCAD enrolled 30 additional children in the organization’s school sponsorship program over the last quarter. To date (2015), KACCAD is managing the school tuition sponsorship for 100 OVCs.  KACCAD is still seeking sponsors for 150 OVC's.

May 2014  ,with the help and effort of our partners in development in the USA , KACCAD  managed to secure funds to procure land and start on the foundation of a five classroom block. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of a former volunteer in the US, the foundation and the construction of three classrooms are now completed as well as a spring well for the children and the purchase of a solar system that was placed on the children’s Dormitories.


With the help of friends from Sweden, the FCF’s dormitory was equipped with 30 beds, mattresses and mosquito nets making it more comfortable for the kids to sleep.Further blessing came in through a team from the USA that donated shoes and scholastic materials to the children and staff at Faith.

In the month of December 2014,Orphaned children enrolled at Faith Children Foundation and the staff were privileged having received a donation of  100 solar lights donated by Let There Be Light International through KACCAD.

The other orphanage that KACCAD works with is Good Hope Children’s Foundation (GHCF). Through this program a number of orphaned children have been registered for free access to education and other scholastic equipment such as books, pens, mathematical set, uniforms. KACCAD assisted in the construction of more classrooms, dormitories for boys and girls, septic tanks, and has continued to provide scholastic equipment to this school such as chalk, rulers, pens, textbooks among other supplies. In 2014, KACCAD was able to donate institutional rockets stove to this orphanage, which will enable the this institution to save on energy expenditure. The orphanage also received donations of food from KACCAD to feed OVC’s at this orphanage.


KACCAD works to help raise funds to pay a fair wage to teachers and the support staff at the school. Despite KACCAD's best efforts, it is still faced with a severe shortage of funds to provide  support to this orphanage.


KACCAD welcomes any kind of assistance in whatever form to support its activities in both of  the two orphanages. Please do not  hesitate to contact  KACCAD  via email or telephone for more information about student sponsorship, volunteer or fundraising opportunities.