KACCAD provides various forms of support to two institutions namely:

  • Bbira Health Center
  • KACCAD Medical Center (located in Lusaze slum area)

At Bbira Health Center the support has been in form of building pit latrines, bathrooms, given tents and chairs for patients who come for antenatal services. We have also installed solar power at the center, provided drugs, and we hope to support the center with ultra sound scan, another solar system, solar refrigerator, and microscope. For a long time KACCAD has been in strong service provision partnership with Bbira Health Center. These include sensitization on family planning, Reproductive Health; training in health education in various areas eg malaria prevention, nutrition etc.


The support so far given to KACCAD Medical Center includes:

  • Funds which were used to purchase the medical center and the drug store
  • Funds to provide family planning services and reproductive health education
  • Funds to finance conduction of home visits