KACCAD started a beaded craft making project as a widow group initiative with the purpose of improving the livelihood of widows in the service communities of KACCAD. The craft project has the added benefit of protecting the environment, since the beads are handmade from recycled newspaper and magazines!


Through this project KACCAD provides training to widows and orphans in craft making particularly in beads, jewelry, ornaments and bags making. With the acquisition of these skills, the women are better able to support themselves and their children. KACCAD not only provides training but also develops markets for the beaded crafts. Sales from the crafts directly benefit the widows. A small portion of the proceeds from the sales enables KACCAD to fund its activities including two local orphanages - Good Hope Children’s Foundation and Faith Children’s Foundation.

Specific objectives   

  • To raise household earnings of widows and orphaned families
  • To increase access to education services by disadvantaged children
  • To combat the magnitude of pollution in the environment

As much as this project has impacted on the livelihood of a number of widows, KACCAD  is still faced with a challenge of a small market for the beads.

Therefore Kaccad will be   grateful for any assistance offered by anyone to provide market for the beads. For more information about this project contact KACCAD.

To purchase craft items such as fibrebags, bracelets, necklaces, beads, curtain strands, mats, trays and baskets. Please visit the website:   www.geekdetails.com and connect with Amanda Roberts via face book.twitter and other social media available on the site, in case you are in Warrens burg, MO, USA.

Amanda Roberts is KACCAD’s partner in the USA who opened out a store to help sale craft items from widows in Uganda.100% of income raised from the sales is sent to Uganda to improve welfare of widows and the two orphanages affiliated to KACCAD.

For those in Uganda who would like to donate to these widow’s groups through purchasing their hand made craft items please contact KACCAD   via    info@volunteerkaccad.com  and or kyosigacommunity@gmail.com.


Buy and be part of a positive change in the livelihood of these widow headed households in Uganda.