We established a chicken rearing project which has been expanded to  1,710  layers although this requires scaling up  to at least 4000 layers in order to enjoy economies of large scale and consequently to realize greater impact/contribution of this project towards program sustainability.

We have realized that operating a small population chicken project can only enable us to demonstrate a few technologies to our target communities. However we have realized that we need to go a mile further and increase on our bird population so as to be able to first of all realize better economies of scale, but also attain capacity to provide startup capital to a greater number of beneficiaries since we shall be getting more income.

We even plan to run a revolving poultry scheme whereby target beneficiaries will be getting startup breeding stock after which they will be required to return a specific amount of money to be used to procure startup chicken stocks for subsequent beneficiaries in the program area.

Our targeted expansion is aiming at having a total of 4000 layers, in which case we project to attain a daily production level of about 3800 eggs basing on a 95% chicken survival rate. This will be expected to generate a daily gross income of about UGX 760,000.