Before 2014, the word hydrocephalus and microcephaly and other neurological disorders were not know to our team until we carried out a baseline survey on the needs of persons with disabilities and learned about the so many children living with neurological disorders without access to proper medical care, other basic needs and also we found out about stigma towards these children by their own parents or guardians. 

Our immediate action strategy  we implemented with our collaborative partner IHI International. Since 2015, IHI International has supported surgical operations for 19 children living with neurological disorders, donated over 50 mobility tools (wheelchairs and strollers) and provided physiotherapy help to over 400 children in addition to receiving supportive orthopedic items, vitamins, and proteins.

We have organized and delivered mobile physiotherapy clinics in 3 districts of Uganda (Gomba, Wakiso and Mityana).

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