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may-june solar donation

May2015 – Solar light donation

Through Let There Be Light International (LTBLI), 100 SunKing solo solar lights were donated to people with mental and physical differences. 50 of the lights were donated in the Gomba district, while the other 50 lights were given in the Wakiso district.

June 2015 – Solar light donation

Let There Be Light International (LTBLI), with its partner agency KACCAD, donated 100 SunKing solo solar lights to 100 vulnerable households of new mothers, school-going children, elderly, physically handicap, and AIDS widows in the Kyegonza and Kabulasoke sub counties of Gomba. The distribution was implemented by the KACCAD team and A Broader View volunteers, including Amy Schafer, Jessica Shockley and Cameron McNeill from the United States.

The distribution of these lights has saved new mothers from nursing their young ones in the dark and has allowed children to finish their assignments once night has fallen. Even more, the lights have enabled the elderly and physically handicap, giving them a sense of security despite darkness. The lights distributed have, and will continue to, make a lasting impact in the communities of the recipients.With this recent solar distribution Let There Be Light International has so far donated 783 portable solar lights to households off the electric grid.

Together as one, we can achieve sustainable energy for all.

A huge thank you to LTBLI for its continued support!