Submitted by Editor on Tue, 03/10/2015 - 13:33

During the month of November2014, KACCAD received a grant from Atlantic Philanthropies, part of which was allocated for procurement of 200 solar lanterns for school going children and teachers at both Faith Children’s foundation and Good hope children foundation, KACCAD’s affiliate orphanages. These lanterns were donated evenly to the two orphanages and the other part of the grant was allocated for the conduction of a baseline survey in which KACCAD‘s field officers retrieved information concerning the energy lighting needs of vulnerable households in  the newly created  remote district of Gomba .

As of 15th /Jan/2015, KACCAD was honored with the award of a grant from its  partner in development, Let There Be Light International which facilitated the procurement of 88 sun king eco and 50 sun king solo solar lanterns which were distributed to households  far away from the national electric grid. With this recent distribution the total of lights donated adds up to 583 lights, all distributed by KACCAD in partnership with Let There Be Light International(LTBL).KACCAD and LTBL  believe that clean lighting energy is an inalienable right of  every individual.

Solar energy is best alternative for arresting all risks related to usage of kerosene fueled lanterns such as fire hazards, inhalation of dangerous smoke that emanates from Kerosene fueled lanterns,respiratoy diseases such as Pnemonia,chronic obstructive  respiratory diseases , bronchitis and the high cost of kerosene/Hydro power which vulnerable households cannot afford.

KACCAD wishes to report good news of the awarding grant from Cameroon and Jane Baird Foundation (CJBF) which came in January 2015 .The grant facilitated the construction of a protected spring well in the remote district of Gomba and another in Wakiso district, the grant also financed Family planning and reproductive health programs at Bbira health center and KACCAD medical center, part of the grant was directed for emergency medical fund for staff at KACCAD and at its affiliate orphanages. Besides that the grant facilitated the scaling up of the chicken farm for sustainability of KACCAD’s development projects in the long run and furnished necessary funds for installation of complete solar equipments at Bulwadda health center 2 and mamba health center 2 in Gomba district.

The support directed towards construction of two spring wells by  the Cameroon and Jane Baird Foundation and another spring well with support from a former Abroaderview volunteer has come at the right time when many cases of victims of the  typhoid endemic  have been reported in various health centers in Kampala and the neighboring districts of Wakiso and Mukono. The rise in the outbreak has been reported to be a contaminated drinking water supply around the affected areas. Follow this link for more information

In  communities where the three spring wells have been constructed, the risk of the populace being affected by the rising outbreak of the typhoid endemic and other water borne illnesses such as Cholera  , Hepatitis A ,Amebic dysentry ,Brainerd diarrhea has lowered.

KACCAD is concerned about the communities that are still lacking protected spring wells where the population can fetch clean and safe water. Therefore KACCAD wishes to inform the public that we have started a campaign against the rising endemic and all we need is your support to construct 20 spring wells in areas of Wakiso, Mpigi and Gomba where many people consume water contaminated by human and animal wastes found in swamps and in stagnant pools.

We are so proud of partnering with Let There Be Light International, Atlantic Philanthropies, Abroaderview and Cameroon and Jane Baird Foundation.

Together As One we can transform rural communities.